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Released 22nd November 2014

Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick the documentary.

This website is for the Film "JFK to 911" Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick.  It is a website which is calling for:


Please carefully read the following declaration.

We, the people, do hereby give notice of our intention to withdraw completely any mandate to rule from the British and American establishment. We feel this is necessary because:

1. It has become abundantly clear that the Anglo-American establishment is composed of a cabal of secret Nazis whose forebears financed the Hitler regime, and who are now conducting a class war upon their own people in order to maintain themselves at the top of the social hierarchy. They are doing this through acts of phoney terrorism e.g. 911, the Bali Bomb, the Woolwich barracks incident and London tube bombings in order to keep the public living in a state of fear; and deliberately causing economic recession by using their financial resources to manipulate commodities markets, especially for oil, in ways which lead inevitably to global fiscal crises like the credit crunch.

2. It is equally clear that the elite group of Fascists now controlling the world use murder and assassination as a tool of convenience to aggrandize their own power and influence. Most important amongst these acts has been the assassinations of John Fitzgerald Kennedy; his brother Bobby, Martin Luther King and the Rock Star John Lennon. In more recent times the murders of Lady Diana Spencer, the Left-Wing politicians John Smith and Robin Cook and the Historian John Costello make it manifestly clear that the Right Wing are perfectly willing to eliminate absolutely anyone: regardless of status, position, or any exceptional gifts, who might interfere with their ambitions for world domination.  The preference in modern times to arrange the "accidents" which claimed the lives of John F Kennedy jnr and Dorothy Wetzel Hunt; and the "unfortunate illnesses"  which removed effective critics like the Comedian Bill Hicks and Aaron Russo clearly demonstrates that these acts are being committed by rich savages who really do live by the philosophy that all compassion is weakness.                    

3. Recent investigative journalism, and the mainstream media's treatment of it, has made it equally clear that this cabal of secret Nazis have been using their financial power since the second world war to maintain an international Paedophile ring which is kidnapping children from orphanages on a world-wide basis in order to use them as sexual slaves. The Franklin scandal in America and the Jimmy Saville scandal in the UK  ( which the Royal Family has refused to comment on )  indicate that both of the George Bush presidents, former Prime Minister of Great Britain Edward Heath, Liberal Party leader Cyril Smith and many other senior establishment figures have been beneficiaries of this service, which is maintained by a secret society of Freemasons on both sides of the Atlantic.  Evidence  ( and much more importantly the covering up of evidence like the last-minute withdrawal of the  "Conspiracy Of Silence" Television documentary ) now suggests that this Paedophile ring's activities led directly to the Dunblane massacre of sixteen Scottish Schoolchildren.  The press at the time of these murders was gagged from accurately reporting what had really happened by the British Prime Minister at that time, Tony Blair, who issued a D-Notice, a contingency reserved only for wartime, to prevent any further Press speculation or discussion about the story. Why would he do that?

4.  It is beyond question that the rabid corruption flourishing at the highest levels of government during the Kennedy assassination; and which later became manifest to the American people during Watergate, is still flourishing today, and has a soul mate in the many expenses scandals which have ensnared almost every British politician. There can no longer be any doubt that the Western political class are mere Pawns of a never-seen investor class who privately own all Clearing Banks and Energy Industries.  In order to serve their masters well this corrupt political class have encouraged immigration from Islamic countries in order to provide indigenous populations with an enemy: a Bogeyman, who they can blame for acts of terrorism which, as with the 1980 Bologna Railway Station bombing as well as those already mentioned, are actually being perpetrated by the Military Intelligence Services, the Central Intelligence Agency and M.I.5.  

The situation which we now face, as a Democratic people, could therefore hardly be more critical. A totally corrupt class of rich Psycopaths is now imposing a Totalitarian rule upon us by completely controlling all mainstream media and conducting a phoney 'war on terror' in which they murder their own citizens, whilst sodomizing children who are often later killed  ( Barrister Michael Shrimpton has alleged that Ted Heath would drown them by throwing them off his Yacht the 'Morning Cloud' ) and, as at the Haute De La Garenne orphanage, burned to hide the evidence.  If British and American adults wish to go on believing that we are a decent people something clearly has got to be done.  Certain immediate steps must now be taken, the most important of which is the arrest, imprisonment and interrogation of the entire Anglo-American establishment.  As daunting as this may seem, nothing less will restore the democratic principles by which our Western world is supposed to live.  All senior Judges, all senior Military personnel, all senior civil servants, all senior Politicians, all senior Police Officers and all elite families whose business interests include control of Newspapers,  Energy, Land, Telecommunications, Shipping, Airlines and Financial Services must be scrutinized in an open public forum until we as a people find out exactly how many spies and intelligence agents are working for the cause of Fascism inside the media, education, politics and law enforcement.                                            



Many people will read this and will agree that the time for revolution has come.  They will ask  "But what can I do?" To such people I say this:  do not underestimate your own power.  It is a commonplace of living in modern super-states that people see themselves now as tiny things, helpless against a Gargantuan force which has soldiers by the million and armies bristling with Nuclear weapons.  Do not think that way.  If you send your children to school in printed T-shirts which say  "Diana was murdered by the Queen"  and written on the back  "All terrorism is phoney"  the establishment will tremble.  If you buy a can of paint and daub the same slogan on walls and Motorway Bridges which many people see every day, the powerful will shake.                                                     

Those who wish to do so, and who want to understand what is really going on today, can further benefit their education by watching the following YouTube videos.                                                                                                                                                    


1. "Edward the Traitor King" This Channel 4 documentary features an interview with the brilliant Historian John Costello.  As one of the first intellectuals to begin uncovering the links between the Royal Family and the construction of the Nazi concentration camps he was murdered by M.I.5 who slipped a bio-toxin into his food.                                                                                                                                

2. 'Royal Babylon' by Alex Cox, the former Moviedrome presenter.                                                                                                   

3. 'The Brotherhood Of The Bell' with Glenn Ford and William Conrad. This made-for-TV Film is a truly terrifying insight into the workings of the White WASP secret societies like Skull&Bones which have influenced American Business and culture every bit as much as the Sicilian Mafia.                                                                                                                                                                            

4. 'Hitler's American Business Partners'  who included Irene Dupont, Prescott Bush and Henry Ford.  These were the people vilified but, you will notice, never actually named during Maximillian Schmell's famous outburst in 'Judgement at Nuremberg'.                                 

5.   'Loose Change' by Dylan Avery                                                                                                                                            

6. 'September Clues' by Simon Shack, the first of the Films to suggest there were no aircraft involved in the attacks on the Twin Towers.

7.  'The Ultimate 911 No-Planes convincer' by Alexander 'Ace' Baker, this gives useful further insights into how easily modern computer  graphics can be used for military intelligence deception by authoritarian regimes.                                                                

8. 'Pilots For 911 Truth'  this video uses the laws of Physics, by showing test-rig demonstrations, to prove that no Boeing 767 can fly at the speeds claimed in the official report at sea-level without disintegrating and that hence, every single second of Broadcast material depicting planes flying into the Twin Towers was a Computer Generated fake which all mainstream Broadcasters knew about.

9. 'Cyril Smith: How did he get away with it?'  Another Channel 4 documentary of the kind never undertaken by today's BBC  ( what do we pay our license fee for??? )  which uncovers the former UK Liberal Party politician's years of ritual abuse upon young boys and the relentless official complaints and police investigations into his conduct, none of which ever led to a prosecution. One law for the rich?

10.  'Operation Gladio' a throwback to the days before the rich Fascists bought off the BBC this documentary examines the terrorist attacks upon mainland Europe by the CIA after WW2, including the bombing of Bologna railway station in which the Bristol couple Harry and Shirley Mitchell lost their daughter Catherine.                                                                                                                                        

One may be perfectly certain that the BBC and all other mainstream Broadcasters will emphatically deny their part in the ongoing deceiving of the civilized world and that they will deal with this new Film in the same way that they have dealt with all other truth-seeking initiatives: by ignoring them. I therefore wish to offer a challenge to the BBC.  If there is no substance to any of the claims made by critics who are now saying that we are being ruled by Nazis who are imposing a phoney war on terror upon the West,  and that these Nazis are using public-service Broadcasting to carry their message by creating an entirely spurious version of reality on our Tele-screens in precisely the way that George Orwell said they would,  then it is clearly the case that no-one in a position of higher authority has anything to fear by careful scrutiny of these claims in an open, public forum.  I therefore challenge the BBC to a Live Televised debate at which exerts from Films like 'Loose Change' and 'Pilots For 911 Truth' may be shown and their scientific claims scrutinized by experts in order to allow the Public to come to their own conclusions as to who is telling the truth here.  After all, in a genuine Democracy, everyone is allowed to make up their own minds, aren't they?  And if the laws of Physics support the establishment, they have nothing to worry about.  If, however, they refuse to meet this challenge within a week of  'JFK to 911-Everything is a Rich Man's trick' going viral, then the world will be forced to come to the conclusion that they do have something to worry about.                                                                                                       

And please, DO NOT VOTE. The rich are simply laughing at you when you vote; for does any adult seriously believe it is possible to change their country, or the world, by putting an X in a square??  It is time to grow up.  No-one ever gets to vote against the rich.